Do black hat seo tactics work in Fort Lauderdale?

For those of you that believe in the occult, you might have found something new to believe in. That's right black hat seo does exist in Fort Lauderdale. These evil seo practioners have been practicing for a long time. Their goal is to dominate the search engine rankings for when you need them.

Check this video out by a leading expert seo, Chase Reineer.

Also there is this article I found on

Google Discounts Hidden Text For Search Rankings But... 

by Barry Schwartz

This morning, Google's John Mueller said on Twitter that Google discounts hidden text for search rankings. John said "we discount hidden text for ranking, so I doubt they're seeing any advantage from that (they can rank for other reasons)." When someone asked why searching for that hidden text on Google returns the page, he said "if you search for quoted text, you'll find quoted text -- just because it's not visible doesn't mean it'll never be found."

In addition, discounting doesn't meant it won't rank at all. It depends on the competition for that text. Of course, if you think about it, if you want to rank for that text, why would you hide it from the content on your page? Why wouldn't you show it and make it significant on your page? For design purposes maybe? Nah.

We do know that using tabs or accordions with the mobile first index is fine but outright hiding text is not the best idea for text you want to rank well for.

Here are those tweets:





You can finish reading the article here. You can read through the comments to see other peoples opinion.

My opinion is they still work. In our digital marketing agency, we run across many different types of websites. For example, in very competitive niches like water damage restoration, companies compete against each other and hire these black hat practitioners to damage their competitor online presence.

I will not go into any further detail but it does exist. If you want a defense against these guys, then you want to hire us.